Fred Feast (5th October, 1929 - 25th June, 1999) was a British actor best known for his role as Rovers Return Inn potman Fred Gee on Coronation Street, a part he first played in 1975, before being made a permanent character on the programme from 1976 to 1984. He also appeared as another seemingly-unrelated barman called Fred in January and March 1972 and prior to that appeared as an extra in the programme.

Fred was a controversial member of the Street team, having taken time off the programme unexpectedly in 1983 citing depression, but was seen during his absence to be at a football match in seemingly fine health. The next time he took time off the following year, it was for good, and after November 1984 the character of Fred Gee was never seen on the show again. Feast had refused to sign a new Street contract and had stated in the press that he didn't want to become another "Coronation Street cabbage", referring to cast members such as Peter Dudley and Bernard Youens, who had both passed away recently.

The Fred Gee character was finally killed off in January 1999 of an off-screen heart attack mentioned by his screen ex-wife Eunice Gee. Six months later, Fred Feast himself died of abdominal cancer. His other acting credits include Crossroads, Emmerdale Farm and Heartbeat.

He also appeared in the untransmitted pilot of the proposed spin-off from Coronation Street entitled Rest Assured in 1972.

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