Frank Turner was an opportunistic man who blackmailed Jack Walker in December 1965.

Turner passed through Coronation Street while most of the residents were at David and Irma Barlow's wedding reception. His first stop was the Corner Shop, where he tried to chat up Valerie Barlow while waiting behind her in the queue. After noticing that the shopkeeper Lionel Petty had to go into the back room to fetch an order of indigestion tablets, Turner asked for some and then pocketed a packet of cigarettes from the counter. Lionel didn't appear impressed with Turner's sleazy description of Val as a "smashing bit of stuff" but grudgingly served him, unaware that he was being robbed.

Turner then headed for the Rovers Return for a drink and was served two rums by Lucille Hewitt. Turner was surprised that Lucille was the only person there, as she was obviously underage. After getting confirmation from Lucille that she was only sixteen, Turner tried to turn the situation to his advantage by confusing the girl to try and get out of paying, but landlords Jack and Annie Walker returned from the reception in time to rescue her (Jack's brother Arthur had been left in charge in their absence but had gone to put on a bet). Realising the power he now had over the Walkers, Turner made Jack pour him another rum free of charge in exchange for keeping quiet over underage Lucille serving him, which could cost Jack his licence if the brewery found out.

Turner wasn't done with Jack. He continued to turn up at the Rovers for free drinks and got £2 out of him. The kindly landlord wasn't used to this kind of pressure had a nervous breakdown, breaking down in tears in front of Lucille. A few days later, Frank was beaten up in the back alley by Jerry Booth, a friend of Jack's. This was an end to the matter.

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