Frank O'Connor was a security guard who was held hostage during the siege at Freshco in October 2000. Frank was due to retire from the supermarket on the night of the siege.

During the night of the siege, Frank's colleague Alma Halliwell tried to cheer him up while he blamed himself for allowing Dean Sykes and Lenny Larkin into the shop. Frank confessed to having a soft spot for Alma, saying he'd liked her ever since Curly Watts took her on.

Following the siege, Frank and Alma became good friends, going out for several meals together. Frank announced he was moving to Ludlow and asked Alma if she would like to join him. Alma accepted the offer and agreed to move into his cottage.

Frank became upset that Alma had not returned any of his calls and decided to travel back to Weatherfield to confront her. Alma informed Frank that she had been diagnosed with incurable cancer. This devastated Frank and he told her he did not want to move as he couldn't bear to watch her die. Alma admitted that she didn't really want to go as she would rather be near her friends and her doctor. They hugged each other and said goodbye.

Frank returned to Weatherfield to deliver a letter to Alma. When he saw Audrey Roberts, she told him to go away, telling Frank that he had let her down. Frank then accidentally informed his former boss Curly about Alma's cancer when giving him the letter to pass on.

Frank later returned for Alma's funeral. He thanked Audrey but claimed that he did not deserve the invite. Audrey told him not to think like that and reassured him that Alma held nothing against him.

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