Frank Nichols was a resident at Badgerbrook Nursing Home, where Cilla Battersby-Brown started work as a cleaner in August 2007. Straight away Frank had clocked Cilla as being a "gobby piece" which landed Cilla in bother with Liza Cramtree, the manager at the home. However, on one occasion when she found herself being hauled into the manager's office, Cilla found out that Frank was extremely wealthy and from then on, Cilla did her best to impress him - although they continued to spar.

Frank offered Cilla the job to be his full-time carer and after taking him out to the Rovers she accepted the position when he proclaimed that she was the best looking woman in the pub. Within a matter of days, Frank had moved out of the nursing home and back into his own house - Cilla was in awe at the size of the property, and even more impressed as she accepted his offer to accompany him on a holiday to Las Vegas.

When the pair arrived home, Cilla continued to cook and clean for him. In appreciation, Frank gave her a valuable necklace which belonged to his late wife. A few days later, Frank told Cilla that he'd like her to move into the house in order for her to be able to look after him 24/7 and in return offered to leave everything to her in his will. Cilla was just about to accept his offer but was horrified to discover that Frank had passed away in his chair.

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