Opera-loving Frank Jackson was the brother of chip shop owner Fred Jackson. In September 1961 he ran the shop for a week while his brother was away. He showed customers Agnes MacLean and Laura Fagan that he wasn't quite au fait with the workings of the shop as he stumbled around looking for the shop implements and had trouble adding up the 2/4 cost of their fish and chips.

Ena Sharples was his next customer, complaining that a serving of hake she had been given had in fact been cod and demanding that she be given hake now but at 2d cheaper to make up the difference. Her brusque manner lead him to comment to a waiting Dennis Tanner that he couldn't imagine having someone like her for a mother-in-law. While chatting to him, Frank learned that the young man was in show business and said that he used to be in the same trade but as a classical singer. When asked by the younger man what he would do if he had his time again, Frank gave the surprising answer of being a missionary, saying he would preach the cause of celibacy as women took up too much of a man's life, and revealing that Mary Jackson had recently left his brother and gone back to her mother.

A few nights' later he served Dennis again together with Christine Hardman, Jean Stark and Jed Stone after they had been to a night at the Palais De Danse where Dennis had spent all his money on Christine and was thus relieved when she paid for the fish and chips. Len Fairclough and Alf Roberts had been at the same venue with Harry Hewitt for his stag night and arrived drunk at the chip shop but hastily left when they realised they had left Harry singing on the doorstep of the Glad Tidings Mission Hall.

Despite Fred Jackson (played by Joe Gladwin) having appeared in the programme on two previous occasions, and would continue to appear irregularly until February 1966, Norman Bird appeared in the two September 1961 episodes as his stated brother but both gave his name, and was credited on the episodes as "Fred". The official ITV records give his name as "Frank" but this was undoubtedly an invention by a later archivist to explain away the confusion.
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