Frank Hoyle was a lecherous man who drove the women of Coronation Street to Tatton Park by coach in August 1967. Frank's first target was Elsie Tanner, and the fact that she was due to be married to Steve Tanner a few days later didn't put him off. Elsie noticed him winking at her in his driving mirror and told him she wasn't interested, but once they arrived at the estate he followed her around the grounds. Elsie tried to get rid of him by throwing the coach keys in a fountain, but this only delayed him for a few moments and by the time she entered the mansion he was once again at her heels. At one point, Elsie sat down on a chair, remarking that it was the only way he couldn't pinch her behind! When the ladies went to lunch, Frank wasn't happy to discover that the only empty chair was at Ena Sharples's table. With a cheeky grin on her face, Ena told Frank to tell her about his wife and kids!

After lunch Frank turned his attentions to Irma Barlow, but once he told her there was a four poster bed upstairs, Irma ran off to find her husband David. Frank ended up being dragged off by Emily Nugent, who told him she'd show him around the library.

Frank said he usually drove the British Legion.

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