Frank Gregson was the owner of a TV repair shop where Jim McDonald worked after leaving the army in 1990.

Frank and Jim didn't get along at the best of times due to Frank lording it over Jim. When Jim took in the Roberts' portable despite it not needing any repairs, Frank had Alf Roberts pestering him on the phone to have the set returned. Jim explained to Frank that he'd brought it in as it was the only way to convince Audrey Roberts that the set was in working order, but Frank dismissed his idea and ordered him to take it back to 5 Grasmere Drive immediately. Later that day, Alf arrived at the shop with the smashed television which Jim had dropped intentionally upon returning the set. Shocked at Jim's behaviour, Frank agreed to give Alf another set free of charge and forget the repair bill. Alf considered suing Frank for personal damages but, finding Frank agreeable, he decided to go after Jim instead.

Frank tried to get hold of Jim for an explanation, leaving messages with Liz, but it wasn't until Jim arrived at work the next day that he got the lowdown: that Alf had accused Jim of making a pass at Audrey, when in fact Audrey had repeatedly called Jim out so that she could flirt with him and Jim had had to fight her off. Frank didn't see the problem, and when Jim told him that Audrey was a good-looking woman, he stated his intention to go over himself the next time the set was on the blink!

Later, when Alf came to collect the new set, he demanded that Jim apologise both to himself and Audrey. As Frank tried to cool the ensuing argument between the men, Jim turned his anger towards his employer, telling him to stick his job, his apologies and his tellys, dropping the replacement TV on the floor as he did so.

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