Flora McArdle is the mother of the late Vinny Ashford (real name Harvey McArdle).

In October 2017, Weatherfield Gazette reporter Daniel Osbourne decided to start covering the Calcutta Street property development scam. Daniel decided to go to Summer Forest Nursing Home, having tracked it down as being the residence of Vinny's mother Flora. Vinny's former business partner Pat Phelan decided to follow Daniel to the nursing home.

Phelan managed to book an appointment to see Flora by looking in the visitors' book to find out her name while the Receptionist was busy talking on the phone. When the receptionist asked for ID, Phelan used his fake passport in order to prevent Daniel knowing he had visited. He waited for Daniel to finish talking to Flora before he entered.

While with Flora, Phelan spotted a photograph of Vinny and decided to ask her how she knew him. Flora revealed to Phelan that it was her son Harvey. Phelan asked Flora if she knew of his current whereabouts but she told him that she only knew he's abroad somewhere and couldn't properly remember.

Flora told Phelan that Vinny was getting an award for being 'Businessman of the Year' from the Gazette. She revealed that it was her birthday next week and that she and Daniel were going to speak to him on the phone about it. Worried about how close Daniel was to making a breakthrough on the story, Phelan threatened Daniel and warned that if he continued to investigate, he would hurt him.

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