The Fire Officer attended three incidents involving the residents of Coronation Street.

In May 2007 he was part of the crew that rushed to the Street when a fire began in No. 4. Claire Peacock was carried out of the house unconscious by Jamie Baldwin and Kirk Sutherland but neither they nor the newly-arrived crew were able to go back inside the inferno to rescue baby Freddie Peacock. It was later revealed that Freddie had been kidnapped by an unhinged Casey Carswell who had used an accelerant to start the fire while Claire slept and husband Ashley and elder son Joshua were away.

Less than a month later he was on the scene of the accident caused when Paul Connor, having kidnapped Leanne Battersby who he had secured in the boot, crashed into a skip lorry. Paul was fatally injured and died later in Weatherfield General while Leanne suffered cuts and bruises and was freed after the firemen had cut the boot open.

Finally, in March 2008 he was the officer on the scene of the fire at Valandro's restaurant as part of an insurance scam concocted by Leanne Battersby and chef Paul Clayton.

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