When Liz McDonald started an affair with married drayman Derek in May 2007, she decided to visit The Red Lion, the pub where Derek's wife Linda worked, to "check out the competition".

Liz and friend Deirdre Barlow were greeted by the landlady Fiona, who commented on how well Liz was looking, and how long it had been since the pair had last seen each other. Linda was less than enthusiastic when she served them drinks, with Fiona acknowledging that her employee was having an off-day as she had argued with "him indoors". Liz was keen to find out more information about Linda's relationship with her husband, although Deirdre began to feel uncomfortable and suggested they should leave the pub.

However, Linda got the wrong end of the stick and told Fiona that Liz was giving her the glad eye, and that her girlfriend (Deirdre) was obviously jealous. Fiona pointed out that Liz couldn't be a lesbian as she had gone through more men than hot dinners!