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Fergus Dunford was the traffic warden neighbour of Izzy Armstrong on Grayling Street who helped her out during a period of self isolation.

As a result of the global pandemic in 2020, Fergus formed a bubble in order to help Izzy - his vulnerable neighbour with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. By July 2021 Izzy was still working from home when her manager Sarah Barlow called her to say that her completed samples would be collected within an hour for inspection by important Underworld client Jo Lafoe. Fergus implored Izzy to ask for more time, but she cancelled the call and handed over a box of subpar samples to the driver Kirk Sutherland. Jo Lafoe was displeased with the shoddy work and Carla Barlow attempted to cover up the mishap by suggesting that Kirk had mixed up the proper samples with a reject box.

When Sarah mentioned that she had heard a man's voice during her call with Izzy she and Carla speculated that Fergus was her boyfriend and that Izzy had been too preoccupied at home to complete her work to an adequate standard. During their next call together Sarah informed Izzy that she would not be allowed to work from home anymore. Seeing how emotional Izzy was at the thought of returning to work so soon, Fergus contacted Sarah and explained that she had endured a rough year and that she hadn't yet recovered emotionally or physically. Upon catching Fergus in the act a flustered Izzy quickly resigned from her position and cancelled the call. Carla was initially unbothered by Izzy's resignation but after being accused of poor management by Sarah, Kirk, and Sally Metcalfe she agreed to offer Izzy her job back.

Having taken back her job Izzy was made to believe that she would be given more flexible deadlines. However, in actuality the other staff had agreed to work overtime in order to contribute to her portion of the orders too. Her suspicions were raised when she overheard that Kirk was taken an order to Jo Lafoe despite not having collected her output yet. In order to catch them out Izzy replaced her order with sheets of crumpled paper and was left bemused when Sarah claimed that her output was satisfactory. When Carla and Sarah explained that they had been trying to help her out, Izzy revealed that she felt patronised by her colleagues and began ignoring their messages. With Fergus by her side Izzy explained to her bosses about the pain and fear she'd been living with throughout the pandemic.

Back on the street Fergus clashed with Sally when he gave her a parking ticket on Inkerman Street. Suspecting that Sally was trying to bribe him into retracting the ticket by offering to buy him a white wine at the Rovers, Fergus gave her short shrift.

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