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Fay Butler (née Grimshaw) was the daughter of Arthur and Alice Grimshaw, sister to Elsie, Phyllis, Ethel, Connie, Iris, Freda, Nancy Polly and Jack Grimshaw, and mother to Bernard and Sandra Butler.

During her childhood, Fay shared a room (and a bed) with her sisters Elsie, Ethel and Connie - they were eventually joined by Polly when she was born in 1934. While Phyllis, Iris, Freda and Nancy all shared another room and Jack slept in with their mother and father.

In December 1940, her childhood home of 18 Gas Street was bombed and her mother, father and seven of her siblings died. The only survivors were herself, Elsie and their other sister Phyllis.

Fay has never appeared on the Street.