Fare Ladies was a cab firm that only employed female drivers, which Lloyd Mullaney became the owner of in 2012.

When Lloyd was unsuccessful at convicing his friend and former business partner Steve McDonald to allow him to buy back into Street Cars as a partner, a vengeful Lloyd bought Fare Ladies and became a competitor to Steve. Lloyd took his revenge one step further by stealing some contacts for Street Cars, as well as one of their drivers. Lloyd then hired Steve's estranged wife Tracy Barlow, who claimed that she wanted to get back at Steve also, however this was the opposite as she used the opportunity to sabotage the cars at Fare Ladies. Believing that Steve was behind it, Lloyd chased him down during a school sports day and tackled him, which resulted in them being chewed out by headmaster Brian Packham. Lloyd and Steve eventually put behind their differences and merged both their firms, making them business partners once again.


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