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Evelyn Plummer (neé Pritchard) is the mother of Cassandra Plummer and maternal grandmother of Tyrone Dobbs.

Tyrone's investigations brought him into contact with Evelyn for the first time in September 2018, and was desperate for answers after discovering that Jackie Dobbs wasn't his real mother and believed that Evelyn was his biological grandmother. Evelyn was initially hostile towards him however, guilty for abandoning him as a child. Although she later agreed to move into 9 Coronation Street with him, his partner Fiz and their children, when she was evicted from her home.

Over the years Evelyn has mellowed, and fought tooth and nail for her family when they came under threat from deceitful nanny Jade Rowan.


1946-2018: Early years and the loss of her family

In the early 80's, Evelyn and her husband Harold struggled to control their drug-abusing daughter Cassie. During the height of their problems Harold passed away from a brain hemorrhage and Cassie blamed herself due to the stress that she had caused him. The morning after Harold's funeral Cassie had left, and six months later Evelyn reported her missing to the police. Around this time Cassie finally got in touch, and Evelyn located her living in a terrible state in Liverpool with a baby in tow. Deciding to focus on Cassie, Evelyn left Tyrone on the steps of a police station - only for him to be found by Jackie Dobbs.

The next eighteen months Evelyn helped Cassie get clean from the drugs, only for her to find a new partner and travel abroad to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Sometime later Cassie passed away following a short illness, Evelyn refused to attend the funeral and never visited the grave; citing that it was a waste of time to travel half way across the world just to spend a few moments feeling sad.

To combat her loneliness Evelyn came into the possession of a dog named Cerberus, who provided her with much support and company over the years.

2018-present: Meeting her grandson

In September 2018, after learning from Darren Dobbs that he wasn't his real father, Tyrone was even more shocked to discover that the late Jackie Dobbs was not his biological mother either. Tyrone was able to track down Evelyn, his potential grandmother, via social media. Initially refusing to accept that Tyrone was her long-lost grandson, Evelyn eventually slipped up when she mentioned Tyrone's library birth - something neither him or his partner Fiz Stape had mentioned.

Evelyn left Tyrone devastated when she bluntly told him that his potential new mother was dead and that she didn't want any contact with him or his family. However, the pair were later forced together when Evelyn lost her home and had nowhere to stay so Tyrone invited her to live with him and his family at 9 Coronation Street until she found a place to live. Settling into the area, Evelyn made an enemy of Dev Alahan after trying to steal from the Corner Shop and faking an angina attack. She also irritated Ken Barlow and his son Daniel Osbourne after making them lose a pub quiz at the Rovers, was rude to Rita Tanner and exposed the truth about Brian Packham not being the real Father Christmas - which devastated Hope, Ruby and Joseph and caused them to act out. She also created tension with Tyrone's fiancée Fiz when she gave Ruby and Hope slices of lemon drizzle cake before their dinner, which the girls then refused to eat; much to the annoyance of Fiz, who had come from work during her lunch break especially to make homemade chicken casserole.

Background information

Prior to her first appearance as Evelyn Plummer, Maureen Lipman had appeared in six episodes of Coronation Street in July 2002. She played the guest role of Lillian Spencer, a temporary relief manager at the Rovers Return Inn.

First and last lines

"Well... what do you want?" (First line, to Tyrone Dobbs and Fiz Stape).


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List of addresses

Address Duration
9 Coronation Street 14th September 2018 to present

Employment history

Role Institution Duration
Assistant Corner Shop 5th June 2019 to present

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