Eunice Mary Cole was the mother of Ramsay Clegg and Norris Cole. In 1935 she had a relationship with a worker at a cinema, and she fell pregnant with Ramsay. As unmarried mothers were frowned upon, she sent Ramsay away to Australia where he was adopted.

By 1937, she was married and had eventually had another son, Norris. Round about eighteen years later after giving Ramsay away, he got back in contact. She however turned him away, and sent the letters back. He then sent a boomerang for Norris, which she also sent back. Ramsay returned to Weatherfield in 1960 to see her. In January 1961 she suffered a fatal heart attack. Norris never forgave Ramsay and blamed him for her death, which caused them to fight at her funeral. Ramsay then went back to Australia.

In May 2009, Ramsay returned to Weatherfield after being away for almost fifty years. He was hoping to make up with Norris, although Norris was bitter towards Ramsay and still blamed him for his mother's death. Ramsay had died on a flight back to Australia in August that year, and Norris was shocked to discover Ramsay had an inoperable brain tumour, the reason he returned to make amends. Ramsay then left Norris a trunk full of possessions, including letters he sent to Eunice. Norris was upset when he discovered what his mother was really like, but realised it was too late.

Mary Taylor Eunice Cole

Mary Taylor appearing as Eunice Cole.

The character's backstory was spoken about through her two sons. However, she "appeared" in a short charity Christmas special broadcast on 21st December 2012, where she appeared as a dream vision to Norris presented by the ghost of Maxine Peacock, through Norris's friend Mary Taylor.
Her gravestone is shown in Episode 7152 (31st August 2009) which reveals her date of death being 12th January 1961.
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