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Eugene Ferguson served as a director on Coronation Street from June 1982 to January 1984, November 1992 to October 1993 and May 2002 to August 2003 after having previously been a designer on the programme from 1970 to 1972. In total he directed 84 episodes of the programme including three episodes co-credited with Mervyn Cumming and six with John Anderson. He also directed the spin-off video The Women of Coronation Street and the tribute programme Doris Speed Remembered. His design contributions ran to 168 episodes.

His daughter, Samantha Ferguson, when a young baby, played the part of Jason Lomax, Ena Sharples's great-grandson in the programme in 1972.

His other directing credits include Crown Court, Travelling Man, The Return of the Antelope (on which he was also the producer), In Suspicious Circumstances, Revelations and Springhill. His other designing credits include The Dustbinmen, The Stars Look Down, Victorian Scandals and House of Caradus. Other producing credits include New Voices and the series of Time Life releases of Coronation Street profiles from December 1994 onwards.

Episodes directed by Eugene Ferguson


1982 (9 episodes)

1983 (6 episodes)

1984 (2 episodes)


1992 (3 episodes)

1993 (24 episodes)


2002 (17 episodes)

2003 (23 episodes)

Episodes designed by Eugene Ferguson

1970 (10 episodes)

1971 (102 episodes)

1972 (56 episodes)