When Peter Barlow was held on remand for the murder of Tina McIntyre at Highfield Prison in July 2014, he was put alongside a somewhat happy and talkative man named Eugene Clelland. Peter was frustrated when Eugene chatted a lot and went on about different stories, but over time he came to like and accept him. Eugene also acted as support to Peter during his time in remand and tried to give him advice. When Peter refused to see his family as he believed they thought he was guilty, Eugene stated that he would need them for support in case the worst was to happen.

After Peter's son Simon refused to come and visit, the former alcoholic felt the urge to drink. Clelland then mentioned a man named "The Landlord" (Jim McDonald) who was dealing booze inside the prison. However, when Peter became too dependent on Jim, Clelland got worried and seeing that Peter stole biscuits from him to "repay" Jim, Clelland warned him that Jim was bad news. Ultimately Peter found Jim's stash and drank until he suffered alcohol poisoning and was put in Weatherfield General for a couple of weeks. Peter recovered and was put back in his cell with Clelland, but was in bother with Jim who had warned Peter that some prisoners weren't too happy with him. As a warning, Clelland and Peter's cell was trashed and Clelland was upset when a book that his father had given him was ruined.

Peter told his friend (and Jim's son) Steve McDonald that Jim was dealing him the booze, which led to Steve again cutting off contact with his father. Angry Jim sent two prisoners to escort Peter from his cell for a beating and although Clelland told Peter not to do it, Peter decided to take his punishment. When Peter's father Ken and stepmother Deirdre came to visit Peter, Clelland mentioned to them how two guys had taken Peter away.

On the week of Peter's trial, Clelland wished his cellmate the best of luck. However, Peter was found guilty of murdering Tina and was returned back to prison. Three weeks later Rob Donovan was unveiled as Tina's killer and Peter had high hopes that he would now be acquitted. Sitting in their cell, Clelland told Peter that it wouldn't be the same without him and asked him to promise that he wouldn't go back on the booze once released.

It was mentioned in dialogue that Clelland had a wife and also a sister (the latter could be seen with him in a visiting room, but had no dialogue and was therefore uncredited.)
It was stated that Clelland was still to await trial for an unknown alleged crime (it was never elaborated on-screen) as of July 2014.

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