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Ethan Corrin was a man who met up for drinks with Josh Tucker in July 2018.

David Platt, who had previously been raped by Josh, was waiting for Ethan to get into a taxi outside of his flat in Moston and followed the vehicle to a pub where he was meeting Josh.

When David arrived at the pub, he was warned by his friend Billy Mayhew that although he was trying to protect Ethan, attempting to stab Josh was not the answer. After convincing David to leave, Billy then approached Ethan and warned him of Josh's rape of his friend after putting GHB in his drink.

Billy later discovered from the police that Ethan had found GHB in the pocket of Josh's coat and brutally attacked him, causing him to be in Weatherfield General on life support. Billy admitted that he had warned Ethan about Josh but that he did not encourage any form of attack.