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Walder in 2013

Ernst Walder (born Ernst Tahedl in Salzburg, Austria on 17th November 1927, died 6th September 2021) played Ivan Cheveski in Coronation Street on a regular basis from December 1960 to December 1961 and then made guest appearances from December 1962 to January 1963, October to November 1966 and September and December 1967. He was often cast in German roles on television and in films. He came to England in 1952 after escaping from the Russian zone of Eastern Europe following arrest by the occupiers for helping refugees to move west. Upon his own move west, he became a valet and a butler before becoming an actor and got his first film role in The One That Got Away.

In an interview with Austrian newspaper Kurier in 2013, Walder recalled how after the broadcast of an episode in which he insulted a pregnant Linda Cheveski, he was hit by an elderly woman in a London department store. He also recalled how people sent him cigars, champagne and baby toys after the birth of his TV son.

For some time in the Sixties, he was the boyfriend of Street creator Tony Warren.[1]