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Eric Talford was the owner of the Talford's Bookies on Rosamund Street.

Eric was first seen taking Carol Baldwin for a date at the Clock restaurant. During the evening, Eric was distracted by his wife who was sitting at another table. Eric's wife walked over to the table and stated that Eric would book a table whenever she went and be there with a different woman each time. This upset Carol, causing her to throw the contents of the table onto the floor.

Despite this, Carol agreed to go on a second date with Eric, this time on Christmas Day. During the meal, Carol became rowdy following a bottle of wine and began to argue with her ex-husband Danny Baldwin who was sitting at a different table. Eric settled the bill and decided to let Jamie and Frankie Baldwin deal with a drunk Carol.

Eric was last seen uncovering a cannabis farm in the flat above his shop. Eric protested his innocence to Jack Duckworth and Charlie Stubbs, claiming that it had nothing to do with him.

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