Eric Prytherch

Eric Prytherch worked as a director on Coronation Street from June 1969 to June 1975 with 81 episodes to his credit, and also as a producer on the programme between 1972 and 1974 with a short return in 1975. In addition, he directed the Street insert for the 1970 edition of ITV's Christmas spectacular All Star Comedy Carnival.

He joined Granada from the BBC as the senior outside broadcast cameraman in 1956, six months before the station went on the air in 1957, and first worked on the Street as the senior cameraman in the programme's second week in 1960, becoming a television director in 1967. His other credits include producing and directing episodes of Yanks Go Home as well as work on series such as Cinema, The Life of Riley, Leave It to Charlie, Chintz and Crown Court.

Episodes directed by Eric PrytherchEdit


1969 (18 episodes)


1970 (26 episodes)

1971 (23 episodes)

1972 (10 episodes)

1974 (2 episodes)

1975 (2 episodes)

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