Harry packs Lucille’s things for her to return to the orphanage after the Christmas break. She begs to be allowed back at Easter and for him to wear his inspector’s uniform when he takes her back so that she can show off to her friends. Frank tells Ken that he doesn’t want "Ban the Bomb" circulars being sent to his house. He finds a poster for the demo in the front room and throws it on the fire. He also bans Ken from going on the march, under threat of being thrown out of his home. At Miami Modes, Elsie's workmate Dot points out to her that she’s being watched by a woman. Elsie talks to her and finds out that she’s Norah Dawson - Arnold’s intended. She tells her to leave and refuses to talk to her. Ena sees Arnold knocking at No.11 and volunteers to take a message for her. Harry helps Florrie deal with two troublemaking Teddy Boys in the shop. After work, Norah turns up at No.11. She admits that Arnold brought her along and asks again for a divorce. Elsie refuses, not allowing Arnold to get off scot-free. She annoys Norah when she suggests that he’s only with her for her money. Norah accuses her of being common and is thrown out. Martha and Ena snub each other in the snug. Harry invites Concepta out to the bus depot dance. Ron Bailey has to investigate May's health record for the insurance before a pay-out is made. Ida frets over Ken going on the torchlight march against Frank’s orders. As it comes down the street, Ken and Susan go to join it. Ida accuses Ken of being more interested in fighting his father than fighting a cause and watches with concern as they set off.


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Notable dialogue

Ena Sharples: "Ooh, that Elsie Tanner, she were just the same durin' the war. Skirts up 'ere an' ' 'ave you got any gum, chum?' ".


Ena Sharples and Martha Longhurst (both speak at the same time at the bar of the Snug): "Two halves o' mild, please."
Annie Walker: "I've only got one pair of hands. Who was here first?"
Ena Sharples: "I was."
Martha Longhurst: "Forgive her her trespasses..."
Ena Sharples: "'Take not the name of the Lord thy God in vain' - two halves o' mild and a packet of crisps."

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