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Gary continues to hit Daniel until he's pulled off by Bethany and a passing Adam and Sarah. Sally and Charlie introduce themselves to each other as Tim's wives. Sally is further humiliated when Steve interjects to stick up for Tim, accidentally revealing that he and Kevin already knew about his bigamy. Charlie realises that Tim is stringing her along and throws the divorce papers at him unsigned. Tim asks Sally how he can make things better. She tells him that he'll choose the path of least resistance, as he always does. Maria hears Adam threaten Gary with the police if he touches Daniel again. Claudia invites Steve and Tracy along to her and Ken's book club. They accept as they have nothing else to do. Michael decides to throw Tianna a late birthday party when he misses the day itself and hires Geoff to perform magic tricks. Yasmeen angers Geoff by insinuating that he won't have time to prepare. Daniel feels no malice towards Gary and decides not to press charges. Bethany dries her wet clothes at the flat and puts on Sinead's dressing gown. Tim goes to the police station and reports himself for bigamy. Gary and Maria agree to start afresh. Sally is even more annoyed with Tim when he tells her that he's handed himself in. Waking up from a nap, Daniel momentarily sees Bethany as Sinead. Yasmeen is pleased that she went to the AA meeting as it's shown her how mild her problems are. Geoff opens a bottle of wine and pours a glass for Yasmeen demanding that she drink every drop if she's that confident. Liz is amused to see Steve and Tracy reading. Steve is caught watching the film version of the book they're reading on his phone. Geoff keeps refilling Yasmeen's glass and gets her drunk. Peter asks how she got on at the meeting and Geoff admonishes him for giving Yasmeen false hope. Charlie has agreed to sign the divorce papers so Tim has confessed for nothing. Sally is mortified to see the headline on the Gazette website: "Ex mayor in bigamy shocker". She kicks Tim out of the house. Daniel kisses Bethany during a tender moment in the flat but immediately regrets it and apologises.


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