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Bertie has been up all night with a fever. In the morning, Daniel finds him limp in his cot. Tyrone and Fiz hatch a plan to officially ask if Hope can have supervised visits with Jade, as they'll be able to say that they tried when the request is inevitably turned down. Jenny offers Charlie a permanent job at the Rovers, with accommodation. The fire starters are caught by the police. Paul rescues an old barn door from a skip to put on No.5 temporarily. Gemma loves it and decides to keep it. She and Chesney are pleased when Freshco ditch the models. Maria starts to feel unwell. Peter calls an ambulance for Bertie. The paramedic finds a rash and rushes him to hospital. Tyrone and Fiz propose their idea to Christine, making out that they're fully onboard with it. They're shocked to be told that it's possible if Jade can pass a risk assessment. Abi has a late start to her day as Ray whisked her off to a five-star hotel last night. Tim asks Abi for help getting rid of Charlie before she gets too comfortable at the Rovers. Aggie suggests that Abi get Charlie the sack when she asks for advice on getting rid of an ex. Daniel blames himself for being inattentive and not noticing Bertie's rash. Beth worries that he has meningitis. A concerned Gary tells Maria that their trip to Bristol is off and he's taking her to the doctor but Maria makes him go without her. Paul is surprised to find himself missing Bernie. Charlie accepts the job and the room. Meanwhile, Abi implies to Jenny that Charlie is light-fingered. Aggie accidentally reveals that she told Jenny a fib about Charlie. Tyrone and Fiz decide to stick to their plan and hope that Jade gets turned down. Hope floods the girls toilets at school. The consultant diagnoses Bertie with measles and keeps him in isolation. Beth and Peter are horrified when Daniel admits that he never took Bertie back for the rest of his injections.


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