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Tyrone rushes to examine Jade and finds she is still alive. He tells Fiz she was telling the truth and did return Hope of her own accord. Evelyn returns with both the girls and they hurriedly shut the door to the back room to hide Jade's unconscious form from them. Evelyn pushes her way through and suspects nothing as Jade has gone through the back door. Fiz hides the bloodstain on the floor from her. Charlie refuses to sign the papers when Tim tells her that he couldn't get the money. Faye is beyond surprised to find she has a stepmother. Sarah tells Maria she can't be happy for her as she's genuinely worried that Gary will hurt her badly at some point in the future. With Sally at Gina's, Faye agrees to hide her things from Charlie's view in return for £50. Bethany tells Alya how Ray tried it on with Michelle, but she has already heard his side of the story and defends him. She asks Bethany to consider her position at the bistro. Paul is happy playing darts with Billy until Bernie spoils the atmosphere by talking about Kel. Rita makes it clear to Bernie that she's not happy with the trouble that she's caused Chesney and Gemma. Tyrone unsuccessfully searches for Jade. Fiz panics that she's gone to the police, unaware that she's lying unconscious in the Victoria Street ginnel. Maria overhears Gary on the phone telling someone he loves them and wishing he was with them all the time. She demands to know who it is and gives her proof it was Jake, the boy still being upset as he missed his dad at Christmas. He's angry she suspected him. Bethany is livid that there's a favourable story about Ray in the Gazette. Daniel offers her a cup of tea in his flat to calm her down. Evelyn grows suspicious of Tyrone and Fiz's jumpy behaviour and ferrets the truth out of them. Yasmeen puts Alya off coming to visit her. She spots Jade's body. Tim approaches a reluctant Steve for the money. When Emma steps in with an offer of help, Steve is pushed into helping him too. Billy and Paul find a shamed Bernie scrubbing down No.5's carpet. Billy tells her to let Paul move on from Kel and to stop dragging him back into thinking about his ordeal. At Daniel's suggestion, Bethany writes down a list of her problems in life. He advises her to quit her job and go for what she wants in life outside of Weatherfield, not realising it's him that she wants. Evelyn tells Tyrone and Fiz to deny everything if Jade goes to the police. They are interrupted when the police call the house, wanting to ask questions about an assault on Jade.


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