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Breakfast is being made at No.9. Fiz has found the back door open but no one thinks anything is wrong until Ruby comes downstairs and says that Hope is missing. Confirming the fact, Tyrone rings the police. Sarah plans to view a flat in Victoria Court for her and Adam to move into. Bethany is delighted to be asked to be her maid of honour. She tells her mum that everything indicates that she's going to be asked to be the new manager of the bistro. Kevin refuses to talk to Tim. The police take Hope's description and begin door-to-door enquiries. Other officers call on Jade, but she tearfully insists she knows nothing. She sneaks a look up at her loft hatch in passing. Hearing that Jade denies knowing anything, Fiz insists on calling on her herself but the police dissuade her. Bernie, Paul and Billy begin cleaning up No.5's damage. At Evelyn's suggestion, Tyrone organises the neighbours into search parties. He comes clean to them about who exactly Jade's father is. To Tim's astonishment, Charlie calls at No.4. He hides a picture of himself and Sally, claiming he's just a tenant there. Fiz, remembering the events of 2011 when John was spying on her in the loft, wonders about the loft in Jade's house. Tim asks for the signed divorce papers, but Charlie tells him that she's lost her two jobs and is heavily in debt. Unable to afford the legal fees, she asks him to stump those up and as well as £5,000 as a settlement. Fiz breaks into Jade's house and makes straight for the loft. Arriving at the bistro, Bethany is astonished to find that Alya is the new manager. Fiz finds a packed bag with clothes, passports and one-way tickets to France in the loft. The neighbours' search continues. Tyrone finds Jade also looking for the girl in Victoria Street, insisting she knows nothing about her disappearance. Worried about her previous miscarriage, Maria is pleased to find that all is at it should be when she and Gary attend the twelve-week scan. Prompted by a remark from Tyrone, Jade thinks of one place that the girl could be. The police tell Chesney and Gemma that there will be a marked car outside No.5 twenty-four hours a day in case of further attacks. Jade finds a frozen Hope hiding at the cemetery. Jade's in tears, thinking she had lost her sister for ever.


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