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David is doing all he can to trigger Shona's memory. Shona begins to speak as she emerges from her coma. Her first words are "I don't know you", to David. Paul is resigned to the fact that Kel will get away with what he did. Sean reveals Bernie's plan to entrap Kel. Gary sticks up for Fiz when Beth and Izzy refuse to let her sit with them in the cafe. A compliant Yasmeen requests £10 from Geoff to buy cleaning products and promises to show him the receipt. Nina returns Hayley's sewing machine. An occupational therapist performs tests on Shona and finds that her motor skills are normal but she has serious memory issues. Paul confronts Bernie about her plot against Kel. Failing to talk her out of it, Paul decides to go along to protect his mum. The neurosurgeon recommends moving Shona to a neurological rehabilitation centre for long-term treatment. Dismissing her advice, David remains fixated on finding a way to trigger her memories. Roy notices a bandage on Nina's hand and is appalled to learn that her neighbour set his dog on her. He persuades Nina to spend the afternoon with him, worried about her being alone in her flat. Bernie arrives at the park where she's arranged to meet Kel and starts live streaming the event to her social media. Gemma tunes in and rushes off to tell Paul when Bernie announces to her viewers that she's about to catch a paedophile. Tyrone and Evelyn bump into Jade while out with the girls. As Evelyn ushers Hope and Ruby away, Tyrone tells Jade that her plan is failing and the girls are back home. Billy doesn't approve of Bernie's plan and dashes off to stop her with Gemma. David brings Max and Lily to see Shona in the hope that she'll recognise them. Yasmeen has convinced herself that Geoff is right about her drinking problem and turns down Cathy's invite to the book club as there will be wine there. Shona reacts warmly to Max but the family are horrified when she calls him Clayton.


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