Elsie asks Alan if he has money troubles but he denies it and tells her to keep buying things for their new house. Willie Piggott tells Len that Alan settled one of his debts by giving his creditor his car. He wants Len and the other creditors to gang up on Alan and bankrupt him. Annie finds out that Alan has cash flow problems. Ken tells Ena he knows a music teacher named Mr Telford at a college in Manchester but he warns her against meddling in Tony's life. Alan owes an annoyed Annie £30 for drinks. She tells Irma about Alan's debts who says he also owes the Corner Shop for several weeks' bills. Len tells Alan about the bounced cheque and that his creditors are growing impatient. Ena sets out for the college, not telling Tony where she's going. At the college she waits to see Mr Telford. Elsie is short with Sandra and tells Maggie that she thinks Alan isn't being honest with her. Piggott gets Sid Lambert, Joe Makinson and Ray together to discuss Alan in the Select. They invite Annie to join them and give Len the task of fetching him for the meeting. Elsie is furious with him when he calls round. Alan turns up in the Rovers and hears about the meeting which Irma has also joined. Emily is disgusted at what she thinks is a kangaroo court. Alan confronts his creditors. They tell him he's got seven days to settle or they will sue him. Alan tells them he'll contact his accountant in the morning and they'll all be paid in twenty-four hours. Ena tells Tony she's arranged for him to see a music teacher at the college. Alan admits to Elsie that he doesn't know if he can pay anyone what he owes them.


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