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Geoff begins cleaning the house himself to prove a point. A contrite Yasmeen wants to fulfil her obligations and a tussle ensues over the vacuum cleaner, which comes apart in their hands causing Geoff to fall and hit his head on the dinner table. Tyrone refuses to split his family up. Steve gets down on one knee in the Rovers and asks Tracy to marry him again. He is shocked when she says no. Geoff storms upstairs in a huff after scrubbing the entire downstairs to teach Yasmeen a lesson. Tracy explains to Steve that the underlying issues that caused her to sleep with Paula are still there and it'll take more than a gesture to fix them. Fiz wants the girls brought back to No.9 and makes plans to stay at a B&B. Roy cleans Nina's door for her and suggests she'd feel safer living with him. She turns down his offer. Cathy realises she's left her bag at No.6 and barges inside to fetch it. While she's there, Geoff comes downstairs and goes off on one about Yasmeen taking seven minutes for a shopping trip. His attitude turns on a sixpence when he sees Cathy standing there. Tyrone lets Evelyn know the truth about the gun. Christine Hillier drops Hope and Ruby off. Ruby runs into her dad's arms but Hope is cold towards him. The girls are told that Fiz has gone to stay with a friend for a while. Steve and Tracy see a counsellor for marriage guidance. They blame each other for the tension between them. Tyrone gently asks Hope if Jade made her lie about Fiz hurting her. Hope doesn't reply. Tracy throws a clock at Steve when he goes on about Becky. The counsellor's suggestion that they focus on their positive qualities is met by a wall of silence. As it's Bertie's birthday, Daniel plays a video for him of Sinead singing Happy Birthday. Cathy tells Brian about Geoff's nastiness. Brian says it's none of their business. Geoff apologises to Yasmeen for having a go at her and presents her with a new vacuum cleaner. Yasmeen worries for him when he reveals that he's struggling with his health again and the strict cleaning regime could well save his life. Yasmeen promises that the house will be spotless in future. Fiz is saddened to hear that Hope has become withdrawn and believes Jade has brainwashed her daughter.


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