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Tyrone and Fiz receive another shock when Jade claims that they've known since the start that she's John Stape's daughter and it was their idea not to tell the neighbours. Fiz realises Jade is behind the allegations against her and has to be held back from hitting her by Tyrone. An embarrassed Tracy tries to secure Leanne's silence. Fiz believes that Jade has been playing them ever since they met in Birmingham and has always planned to take Hope away. Christine Hillier tells Jade that the girls can't live with her as she was at No.9 at the time of the alleged abuse. Suki Waters interviews Aggie at No.3. Aggie says she was in a position to help Robert as she's a qualified nurse. She's visibly uncomfortable with Suki's questions about her nursing career. Aggie says she took a break to spend more time with her family. Dev is horrified to see Chesney, Gemma and the quads arrive home in a Freshco limo. Jade tells Christine that she found out her father was John Stape in her teens and met Fiz in Birmingham by coincidence. They clicked right away but she's seen how dangerous and deceitful Fiz is now. Asked for an example of Fiz's lies, Jade tells her that Fiz brought the gun used by Derek Milligan onto the street. Dev accuses Chesney of undermining his business by working for the competition and tells him to decide where his loyalties lie. Tyrone and Fiz are relieved that Jade won't get the girls but Fiz is taken to the police station to be questioned about the rifle. Evelyn rings the agency Jade used to find out where she's living, posing as her gran. Gemma chooses Freshco on Chesney's behalf and Chesney is summarily fired from the kebab shop. Amy sees her parents splitting up now that Tracy's secret is getting out. Aggie isn't keen on James's idea of visiting Shona tomorrow. Imran tells David and Nick that Josh has been found guilty of raping him and the other survivor and been sentenced to 15 years. Fiz denies all knowledge of how Derek obtained the firearm and is released without charge. She goes to confront Jade. David sees Shona's eyelids twitch. Tracy warns Leanne to keep her beak out of her private life. Fiz barges into Jade's house. Jade is confident that she can support her story as she has fake emails from Fiz inviting her to come and meet her sister. Fiz calls her a lying fruit loop. Jade reveals that she's doing it all to protect Hope against her, blaming her for everything John Stape did. Tyrone arrives before things can escalate.


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Tracy McDonald: "She was eavesdropping behind the door on a private conversation."
Leanne Battersby: "I 'eard these two 'avin a lovers' tiff."

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