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Tyrone and Fiz decide to get legal advice. Chesney plans to fit the photo shoot in before work, his first day back at the kebab shop after paternity leave. Fiz remembers growing up in foster care. Jade tells Fiz she's found a place and is moving out today. Leanne asks Steve to take Oliver to his best mate's birthday party. She's furious when he says he can't as he's promised to take Sylvester to get chipped. Tyrone and Fiz consult Imran, who advises them to cooperate with social services fully. Jade gets Hope and Ruby on their own in No.13's yard and lets them out. Fiz is overjoyed when they come to her back door and tearfully convinces Tyrone to let them inside for five minutes. Aggie wishes she could have done more to save Robert. Christine Hillier catches the girls at No.9 without prior permission and tells Tyrone and Fiz that she has no choice but to put them in foster care. David records the chatter in the cafe to play for Shona in order to create a familiar environment for her. Chesney and Gemma enjoy the Freshco photo shoot in Oakhill and crash out in the green room afterwards, exhausted, while the quads are photographed on their own. Hope and Ruby are placed in a foster home. Christine asks Tyrone and Fiz to come to the office. Suki Waters tells Aggie she's been nominated for the Gazette's Golden Hearts Award and chases her for an interview. Tracy starts to wonder if Paula has told Leanne about them. Aggie finds out that James was the one who called the Gazette. Chesney and Gemma oversleep in the green room making Chesney late for work. Tracy asks Paula what she's said to Leanne. Paula insists she's kept their secret, not realising that Leanne is in the next room and has heard everything. Leanne gives herself away when the women hear her sniggering through the door. Christine informs Tyrone and Fiz that another family member has come forward who'd like the children to live with her - Hope's half-sister on her father's side. They are stunned to discover it's Jade.


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