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Evelyn disregards Fiz's wishes and asks Jade when she's moving on. Jade says she's already started flat-hunting. Amy guilt trips Paula into letting her continue with her work experience at the solicitors office but she's shot down when she demands a fully paid internship. David counts on Shona being able to breathe on her own to spare him having to give the order to switch off her machine. Jade lies to Dr Gaddas that Hope is being abused by Fiz and shows her the photographs of the fake bruises. Tara Swift tells Chesney and Gemma that Head Office wants to hold the next photo shoot in a posh house in Oakhill as No.5 is too small for their camera crew. Gemma thinks they're being looked down upon and tells Tara the deal's off. David blocks Shona's friends from visiting in case they treat it as a goodbye. Mary witters on about violets at Preston's Petals after googling "gay flowers". Amy tells Tracy in no uncertain terms that if Paula won't pay her, she will. Dr Gaddas refers Hope's case to social services. Daniel brings Bertie in for his injections. David is scared that Shona won't respond and barricades himself in her room so that the doctors can't test her. Bertie has a meltdown after the first of four jabs. Daniel can't bear to hear him suffer and stops Dr Gaddas from administering the other three. David faces up to the fact that Shona may die and allows the other visitors in. Social care provider Christine Hillier tells Tyrone and Fiz that doctors are concerned about Hope's recent injuries. They can't explain the bruises on Hope's arm and Fiz says that Hope often makes things up when Christine questions the discrepancy between their story and Hope's with regards to Hope's fractured arm. The Platts, Roy and Leanne visit Shona, with Billy and Eileen following later. Jade views a two-bed in Talbot Road. Gemma has barely finished one feed when she starts the next one. She realises they're going to need the money from Freshco and calls Tara back. Social services ask Hope about her injuries at Bessie Street School. Clayton is told about Shona's condition and to stay away. Christine reports to Tyrone and Fiz that Hope has confirmed the allegations against them while a doctor has classified her injuries were either non accidental or unexplained. Hope and Ruby are required to live somewhere else while an investigation is carried out. Tyrone and Fiz are stricken while Evelyn is furious and marches over to the medical centre demanding to see Hope's medical records. Moira turns her away as she's not immediate family. Doctors remove Shona's breathing tube. Gemma tells Tara they'll do the photo shoot as long as they can sign-off on the final product. She agrees to pass their request onto Head Office. Kevin offers to house Hope and Ruby at No.13 for as long as they need. Tyrone and Fiz are upset that they're not allowed to see the girls without arranging it with social services first. After some complications, Shona starts breathing on her own. David breaks down after a stressful day. Shona remains in a coma. The neurosurgeon tells the Platts that she has defied the odds but a full recovery remains unlikely. Fiz tells the girls that she's cleaning their rooms so as not to scare them. Jade returns and acts surprised when she hears about the day's events.


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