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Abi gives Ray all the gory details about her chequered past. Unfazed, Ray tells her how impressed he is by the way she has turned her life around. Abi keenly leads him to No.4 for sex. Hope has a fractured arm and has to wear it in a sling. Fiz arrives at the hospital and gives Doctor Shardlow an account of how Hope got hurt. The doctor notes that her story doesn't match Hope's. Bethany apologises to Daniel for David's rudeness earlier but Daniel understands. David is cross-examined by Josh's barrister, who questions him about his closeness to Josh and arguments with Shona over their nights out. Gail rings Nick while David is on the stand. Nick goes outside to answer the phone, causing David to lose focus. Emma reports back to Steve. Josh's barrister asserts that David and Josh had consensual sex and David felt shame as he was in denial about his sexuality. David is distracted again when Nick returns, and asks his brother what's wrong. At his request, the judge allows him to leave the courtroom and return to Shona. Josh smirks as he goes. Steve confronts Tracy over her homophobia. Tracy thinks he knows the truth until he says he wishes he'd been there and stepped in. She denies being homophobic and says she just doesn't want Amy working with criminals. Steve demands she set Amy straight. Abi is over the moon at having bagged herself a rich bloke. The neurosurgeon tells David that Shona has stabilised and they're going to remove her breathing tube tomorrow. Fiz asks Hope why she lied to the doctor but Jade rescues the girl from further interrogation. Tracy attempts to change Amy's mind about moving, but Amy maintains that it's the only way to keep her dirty secret. Evelyn makes noises about Jade moving out now that Christmas is over. Tyrone agrees with Evelyn but Fiz thinks they owe Jade for keeping quiet about the gun. David knows he performed badly in court but couldn't care less. Nick presses him to consider what he's going to do if Shona can't breathe without the ventilator.


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