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Jade takes Hope out shopping for the day, hiding her true intentions. Amy packs her bags and moves in with Emma. Tracy argues with Steve that they should let her get it out of her system. Daniel offers his sympathies to David and gets a barrage of abuse in response. David is annoyed that people don't think Shona will recover. Ray is impressed that Abi is a mechanic. When Tim chips in to say that she learnt her trade in prison, Ray makes a sharp exit and Abi thinks she's blown it. Jade tells Hope that they're half-sisters and brings her to John Stape's grave. She promises to arrange things so they can be together for keeps. Steve tries to get to the bottom of Amy wanting to leave home and recruits Emma's help. Gail relieves David at the hospital so he can go to court but he insists on remaining at Shona's bedside. Nick changes his mind by asking him how he'd explain to Shona that he let Josh walk free. Abi tells herself that she didn't stand a chance with Ray anyway. Jade has Hope's arm looked over at A&E. She scares her into lying about how she got the injury by saying that the police would take Ruby away for hurting her. At Weatherfield Crown Court, David gives evidence against Josh, explaining that he latched onto Josh as he needed a mate with Nick having moved away and had no idea that he was being groomed. He remembers waking up in Josh's bed and knew that he'd been raped. Hope tells Doctor Shardlow that a door closed on her arm and is sent for x-rays. Amy is bitter about Tracy stopping her from working with Paula and accidentally insinuates to Emma that Tracy is homophobic. David tells the court about the shame he felt after being raped. In hospital, the neurosurgeon looks for David to discuss the results of Shona's scan. Gail agonises over whether to summon David from court.


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  • A clerk of the Weatherfield Crown Court is uncredited although she has lines of dialogue. She also appears in the next episode.
  • TV Times synopsis: As Josh's trial begins, painful memories resurface; Jade takes Hope to A&E to have her arm looked at; and Emma quizzes Amy as to why she is so unhappy.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,282,490 viewers (3rd place).
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