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Sarah witnesses Maria giving Gary the cold shoulder as he tries to talk to her in Rosamund Street. The bistro has been lavishly decorated for the New Year's Eve party complete with a photobooth. Faye realises she's not ordered enough food for the event and Alya offers to help. A worried Maria reads over a letter arranging her ultrasound scan. Steve offers to do the Street Cars shift for Tim to enable him to spend time with Sally and also allow himself to get out of taking Tracy to a gig. Gary tells Ryan to visit all his customers to tell them he's packing in the loan shark business, with their interest also being written off. Steve lies to Tracy about Tim being ill. She's almost in tears. Ray is annoyed that but for Alya, his launch night might have been ruined by Faye. Abi turns up at the bistro, dressed to the nines and nervously ready to make a move on Kevin. Tracy finds Sally buying lager in the corner shop and realises Steve has lied about Tim. Maria watches from the shadows and witnesses Gary turning over a new leaf and giving Ike Rodgers a clock to sell to obtain the money he so desperately needs. She asks to talk to him. Slightly drunk, Abi leans in on Kevin in the bistro photobooth, but Dev interrupts them. Tracy confronts Steve about lying to get out of seeing Evanescence, genuinely hurt as Amy was conceived to Bring Me To Life and she wanted 2020 to be a better year for them all. Kevin overhears Abi likening him to a safe, boring hatchback but walks away before she continues to say to Eileen that he's a top bloke and she's tired of being hurt by other men. The Rovers' party is a badly-attended disaster. Determined to get drunk, Tracy joins Paula in the Rovers. David texts from the hospital to say he won't be joining the party. The family decide to take the party to him. Gary tells Maria he's not going to risk losing her or the baby. Kevin tells Abi he's not that desperate when she asks for a kiss. The Barlows turn up at Daniel's flat, determined that he and Bertie won't be on their own. Paula confesses that Sophie is dating a backpacker and she and Tracy decide to drown their sorrows. Gary and Maria turn up in the Rovers. Johnny isn't sure they should stay as Ali is there, but he stalks out when Maria loudly announces that he is a drug addict who almost killed Liam. Eileen puts Kevin right on Abi's feelings towards him. Everyone celebrates at the stroke of midnight. Attracted by Tracy, Paula tells her to throw caution to the wind. Kevin sees Abi passionately kissing Ray in a corner of the bistro. The Barlows toast Sinead as Shona's family sit round her hospital bedside.


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