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A neurosurgeon tells a tired David that they want to carry out a CT scan to see what levels of activity are taking place in Shona's brain. Maria asks Ali to keep away from her and Liam and refuses to listen to his claims that Gary is responsible for what happened. Adam is interested to hear their argument and another that immediately takes place between Ryan and Ali. Ryan erupts in anger when he hears that Ali reported Gary to the police. Michelle wonders what's going on between them. Maria comes home upset and tells a shocked Gary what she's just heard from Audrey about Shona's coma. The strain starts to get to David and his family worry about him. Tyrone, Fiz and Jade play Cluedo with the girls. Hope suddenly mentions that the gun on the card looks like the one Fiz gave to Gary, giving her guilty secret away to Tyrone. Michelle and Carla return from viewing Robert's body in the hospital. Ali and Ryan finish off emptying the bistro for her, prior to the new owner arriving. Michelle is stunned when she sees that it is Ray Crosby. As the puzzled boys watch on, she accuses him of making the transaction out of sheer pettiness and he puts up a thin veneer of sympathy for her loss. Sarah assures a questioning Adam that she is sincere about accepting his proposal. With the front door locked, Michelle starts to smash up the bistro, while Carla tries to stop her wrecking someone else's property. She comforts Michelle as she breaks down. Tyrone is livid with Hope for keeping information from him and the police. Letting Ray in, Michelle thrusts the keys at him and then she, Carla and the boys leave for the Rovers. Gary has trouble keeping his calm and an oblivious Maria wonders if his PTSD is resurfacing. Roy says he's pleased with the progress he's making with Nina after she let him in for two minutes to use the toilet. The Connors have a goodbye drink with Michelle prior to her departure for Ireland. She keeps the full extent of what Ray did to her from Ali and Ryan. The CT scan shows no brain activity. Jade keeps her displeasure to herself as she sees Tyrone and Fiz hug and make up. Gary ponders what he has done. David watches over Shona. Peter drives a tearful Michelle away from the street.


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