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As day breaks, Coronation Street is still a crime scene. Grieving Michelle leaves flowers at the spot where Robert was shot. The residents hail Gary as a hero. In hospital, David finally opens his birthday present - a stuffed lady weasel. Shona is improving after her operation. Jade comments to Fiz about the coincidence of two guns being in the street at the same time. Adam regrets his heat-of-the-moment proposal. Ali warns Ryan abut badmouthing Robert as it's not what Michelle needs right now. He points out that if he'd gone to the police about Gary, Robert might not be dead. Ryan retorts that he's just as guilty. Fiz doesn't tell the police where the gun came from and is shocked when Gary says they should come clean. Shona suddenly collapses and is taken back in for surgery. Gary knows he's risking prison because of his criminal record. Jake hears him talking to Fiz about going away and asks him not to. He changes his mind but promises to keep Fiz's name out of it and asks her not to tell anyone, even Tyrone. Michelle goes ahead with her plans to move to Ireland. Vicky turns up at the bistro. Gary remembers an ornamental gun at the furniture shop which they can pass off as the one Fiz brought in if they have to. Fiz agrees to his plan. Michelle tells Vicky it's their fault Robert's dead. Vicky says they'll have to learn to live with what they did. DS Thurston questions Gary informally at the salon flat. The Connors, Daniel and Rita remember Robert at the bistro. Michelle insists they focus on the good things today. Ali can't bear hearing Gary being praised and walks out. The doctor tells David that Shona has suffered a cardiac arrest and her brain was starved of oxygen. She reacts badly when the breathing tube is removed. Gary presents the police with the same lie about Derek signing the factory over to him to clear his debts he told to Maria. He says nothing about the gun. Ali goes to the police station and reports that Gary knew more about the shooting that he's letting on. David discovers that Shona can't breath without the ventilator and may never regain consciousness.


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