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Michelle keeps Vicky informed of Robert's threats and assures her that she has no intention of revealing her location. Nick and Sarah show the Underworld staff around the rebuilt factory. They're impressed by the modern interior but Kirk is disappointed that there's no slide. Gemma gets Rita a tree from the corner shop and promises to come over later and help Rita decorate it. Emma doesn't know where she stands with Seb. He confirms that they're going steady. Ryan hears Robert give Michelle an ultimatum or he'll go to the police. He tells Ali who agrees that it's fishy. Kirk asks the builders along to the Underworld Christmas party but Nick tells Ed not to invite Gary. Ryan and Ali ask Michelle what Robert has on her. Michelle tries to bluff her way out it but eventually tells them all about the scheme to frame Robert. Billy and Sean run a soup kitchen in Victoria Street. Billy recognises one of the homeless as Jade. Gary and Maria find out about the party at Underworld and gatecrash. Jade tells Billy and Sean that her job fell through and she can't afford a place of her own. She doesn't want help and swears them to secrecy. Adam struggles to keep his cool around Gary and tells Nick that he once got rough with Sarah. Sean breaks his word to Jade and lets Fiz know. Amy sees Alina Pop looking for Seb outside No.9. Protecting her sister, she tells Alina that Seb is now happily engaged. Ryan and Ali are worried to hear that Robert could get Michelle into a lot of trouble and ask their mum how much her promise to Vicky is worth. Meanwhile, Robert goes into the police station. Fiz searches the area for Jade. Amy confesses what she did to Emma. Izzy bumps into Derek, who in his desperation for cash fills her in on his deal with Gary. Rita doesn't want to be a burden on Gemma and rings her to say that she's spending Christmas in Cartmel with Mavis so she'll no longer be needed. Nick hates Gary for what he did to Sarah and orders him to leave the factory. As Izzy returns knowing the truth, Gary announces that he's the new owner of the factory.


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