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Michelle thanks Robert for the free restaurant before leaving him at Ali and Ryan's mercy. Billy holds the men back from thumping Robert. Tyler shows up at the church demanding to know where Vicky is; she didn't come home last night. Sean is apologetic for giving Paul a hard time. His co-workers are all behind him and Izzy offers to go to the police station with him. Paul finds it all too much and flees. Daniel gets rid of Ken, insisting that he doesn't need help. Bernie, Gemma and the factory staff look for Paul. Ken asks Adam to check on Daniel. Steve and Tracy go to watch Amy in Bugsy Malone. Steve has a go at Seb for messing Emma about only for Seb to present Emma with the "Bryan Maiden" tickets and apologise for being weird. Emma is thrilled. Michelle wonders if Robert has harmed Vicky, asking how he could be so sure that she wouldn't spoil the wedding. Carla reminds her of the time Robert collared Rich Collis; he's been violent before. Robert storms round to the solicitors demanding his bistro back. Adam suggests he speak to the new owner. Paul shows back up, saying he needed to get his head together. Emma admits to Amy that her dad was the Iron Maiden fan, not her, but she can't tell Seb as he's gone to so much effort. Adam tries to lure Daniel out to see Bugsy Malone. Daniel says he's too tired. Leanne makes a genuine offer to Michelle to help her in any way she can. Robert tries to get to Michelle at the Rovers but is accosted by Tyler. Robert shows little concern over Vicky's disappearance and suggests she's in Ireland with Jed. Tyler asks why the house is spotless, like it's been scrubbed with bleach, and suggests he did it after he killed Vicky. Robert finds the idea ridiculous but begs Tyler not to call the police. Johnny throws Robert out of the Rovers. Paul leads Billy, Gemma, Bernie and Sean to the flat which he and Summer have been busy decorating for Christmas. He tells them he's realised he needs to get his life back. Michelle feels empty in her victory and decides to sell up and move away. Robert settles down for the night in the bistro van.


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