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Robert gets up early on his wedding day and is out before 5.00am. Michelle is awake when he arrives home wearing muddy shoes. Robert says he went for a walk. Paul isn't looking forward to Christmas as it reminds him of when Kel used to go all out for the occasion in order to buy his silence. Billy promises not to put any decorations up in the flat. Emma thinks she's being given the brush-off when Seb says he can't see her later as he's meeting a mate. Daniel watches Sinead's videos obsessively. Paul goes back to work. Not knowing why, Sean moans to the factory staff about Paul "banning Christmas". The police ask Paul to come into the station and make a statement about Kel's photos of him. Maria and Emma get Michelle ready for the wedding. Carla tells Michelle she's done everything she asked as they set off. Eileen asks Seb why he's not seeing Emma again. He admits he's trying to score tickets to "Bryan Maiden", an Iron Maiden tribute band, but doesn't know if he can pull it off yet. Carla walks Michelle down the aisle at St. Mary's Church. Ryan and Ali are the best men, with Johnny, Jenny, Alya, Dev, Maria, Steve and Amy in attendance and Billy conducting the ceremony. David tells Paul that Josh has been charged. Paul asks how he was able to tell people what Josh did to him. David replies that as long as he kept it to himself, Josh had all the power. Ken shops for an ungrateful Daniel, who's annoyed at being dragged away from the videos. Paul tells his colleagues he has a police interview tomorrow and tells them why. Robert says his vows, promising to be faithful and true to Michelle. Michelle takes her turn but recites text messages Vicky had sent to Robert instead of her vows. Carla passes Michelle her phone so that she can elaborate for her puzzled audience. Robert is exposed as a liar and a cheat and the father of Vicky's baby. She ignores Robert's pleas to stop. Michelle explains to the guests that the messages are from Robert's fiancée Vicky, who sent Michelle the messages to rub her nose in it.


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