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Michelle piles the pressure on Robert to put the bistro in her name. Robert isn't ready to take such a drastic step. Hope sulks when Fiz makes her catch up with schoolwork while Ruby gets to watch TV. Robert and Michelle rejoin the Connors, putting on a united front. Vicky's outburst is explained away as sour grapes when Robert got Tyler a job then washed his hands of him when he got the sack. Robert agrees to Michelle's plan. She immediately has Adam draw up a contract. Amy and Asha are buzzing after the play. The Connors are baffled by Robert and Michelle's wedding plans. Roy looks at Nina's drawings and discovers she's interested in bats. He tries to interest her in coming along to a bat-watch. Hope secretly calls Jade on her mobile phone and moans that Fiz has upset her. Robert signs the papers. Carla implores Michelle to call off the wedding as she has what she wants now. Michelle isn't done taking her revenge yet. Later, Michelle suggests postponing the wedding until the Vicky situation has blown over. Robert refuses and heads for Macclesfield to make sure she stays away tomorrow. Steve joins Mary and drama teacher Nigel Kipling at the Rovers' quiz. Seb and Emma enjoy watching their questions come up. Steve suggests Emma invite Seb over for Christmas. Robert barges into Vicky's house and their argument picks up where it left off. Robert is perturbed to learn that Vicky knows the time and place of his wedding and fully intends to be there. Roy offers Nina financial assistance for her and Richard. Nina declines the offer. Robert suggests to Vicky that she move on. The row becomes heated and Vicky starts hurling crockery at him. Vicky's neighbour comes out of her house to complain about the noise but turns back when a crash and a scream from inside Vicky's is followed by dead silence. Daniel begins watching Sinead's videos. Within seconds, he's fighting back the tears. Robert arrives home with blood on his temple and tells Michelle that Vicky won't be bothering them again.


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