Michael and Ed are smitten with Tianna. Grace has realised that she wants her daughter to know her dad. Paul feels vindicated when Gemma and Bernie confirm that Kel committed the burglaries. Bernie nervously hands him the photographs and asks if Kel messed about with him as a child. Nick tells Ed that he's the sole arbiter in matters concerning the factory. Peter and Carla look after Bertie for the day to take the pressure off Daniel. Aggie meets with Adam to discuss Michael's rights to Tianna. Grace is furious to find out what she's up to and leaves again, despite Michael's pleas. Realising that he cannot hide the truth anymore, Paul recounts a family holiday where Kel photographed him topless and made him feel grown up by giving him alcohol. He now knows that he was being groomed. Bernie and Gemma are shocked to the core listening to his story. When he talks about having sex with Kel at fourteen, Bernie can't take any more and leaves. Paul makes it clear to Bernie that he partly blames her for kicking him out when he went off the rails instead of asking him why. Bernie is left to contemplate her failure to protect her son. Michael blames Aggie for ruining what could be his only chance to be a part of his daughter's life. Aggie says she was just looking out for him. Daniel stays another night at No.1 at Peter's suggestion. Peter is worried about how he'll cope on his own. Gemma tells Paul he must go to the police in case Kel strikes again. Paul refuses as he couldn't cope with being questioned and having it all dragged out of him. He doesn't think Kel has offended in a while as none of the photos they found are recent. Meanwhile, Bernie goes to the police station and turns in Daniel's laptop as evidence. Handing over the photos, she reports Kel for burglary and sexual abuse.


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