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Bernie has moved out of No.5. Michael is on cloud nine after seeing his daughter Tianna for the first time. He's shocked when Grace shows up at No.3. Daniel sets about cleaning the flat following the burglary. Paul accepts Billy's offer to move in with him. Chesney hears the accusations against Bernie and tells Gemma that the holdall wasn't carrying stolen goods; they were sent up by Cilla. Aggie takes Grace to task for kidnapping her grandchild. Grace agrees to talk things over with Michael privately. Hope splashes paint on Fiz's blouse when she tells her to clear away her drawings. Jade takes charge and secures Hope's compliance by bribing the girl. Michael asks Grace for access to his daughter. Grace defends her decision to exclude him from Tianna's life, as he's never been reliable. Paul and Gemma apologise to Bernie. With Billy's diary still missing, Billy suggests that Kel is the true thief. Bernie remembers that he went into Billy's office at St. Mary's Church while she was cleaning. Ed looks for Nick to sign off on the new fixtures and fittings at the factory. Sally stalls him until the shareholders have had their say. Daniel breaks down when he finds Sinead's "Mummy" mug in pieces on the floor. Gemma drags Bernie to Kel's flat to see what he has to say for himself. Grace isn't convinced that Michael will ever provide a stable environment for Tianna. Michael is gutted when she departs without giving him her number. Bernie and Gemma find no sign of Kel - or a burst pipe - at the flat. The factory staff pitch outlandish ideas for the new workplace, including a slide. Beth checks on Daniel at the flat and takes the broken man in her arms. Rita is touched when Paul checks that she'll be okay living on her own. She reveals that she has a bottle of bubbly on standby, having expected him and Billy to move in together sooner or later. Fiz is astonished that Jade managed to get Hope to help clean the house. Michael is resigned to never seeing his daughter again but Grace suddenly returns with Tianna. Bernie breaks into Kel's and finds Daniel's laptop. Retrieving it, she knocks over a stack of photographs of Paul as a child, and other young boys.


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