Claudia takes Ken to the medical centre to have his cough seen to. Daniel is told about the stolen laptop. Billy can't find his church diary. He invites Paul to move into the flat now that they're a couple again. James gets drunk and stays the night with a lad called Dan. The Barlows worry about Daniel's non-reaction to the news about the laptop. David decides to formally adopt Max and asks Shona to adopt Max and Lily. Shona had been thinking the same. Craig tells Billy about another burglary, in Inkerman Street. Billy becomes concerned that the victim could be one of his parishioners. James realises he's left his phone at Dan's and panics at the thought that he'll show up at the grounds to return it. Daniel demands to know what the police are doing to find his laptop. Craig calms him down by offering to go round the pawn shops with him to see if it's been sold on. James doesn't remember where Dan lives as he was too drunk. He and Michael drive round Stockport hoping to jog his memory. Billy confirms that the burglary victim was Mrs Rogerson, who was robbed while she was at church. He believes that the thief is the same one who robbed Daniel and has his diary. As Bernie had his office key, he and Paul believe that she took it. Vicky shows up in the Street looking for Michelle but bumps into Robert instead. Gemma tells Paul that Bernie was at the hospital with her this morning so can't have burgled Mrs Rogerson. Vicky doesn't give Robert the time of day. Daniel spots what he believes to be his laptop inside a glass cabinet at Cash Adapter but shopkeeper Barry Morgan doesn't let him inspect it when he hears the reason why. David and Shona tell the kids their adoption plans. Max is keen as long as he can still see Marion Logan. David is disappointed that his response wasn't more enthusiastic. Paul discovers a holdall stashed under the stairs at No.5, stuffed full of valuables. In desperation, Daniel grabs a golf club and smashes a television, threatening to do over the whole shop unless Barry hands over the laptop. Barry presses a panic button.


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