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Ken copes with a bad cough he's had since the trip to Scotland. Daniel returns ahead of Sinead's funeral but is still refusing to attend as he's already said his goodbyes. Kel takes Bernie to work on her first day, much to Billy's unease. Carla doesn't understand why Michelle is still with Robert. Michelle outwardly supports Robert doing all he can to secure access to his child. Beth collects Bertie to take him to the funeral and demands that Daniel do right by Sinead by attending. Daniel gives in. Bethany runs off when she sees the hearse in the street, ashamed of herself. Daniel, Beth, Kirk, Craig, Chesney, Ken, Claudia, Peter, Carla, Adam, Cathy, Sean, Izzy, Sally, Tim and Nancy and Arlene bury Sinead. Conducting the service, Billy says that Sinead lived a short but full life. Daniel stands up and makes an impromptu speech saying he wishes he was religious so that he could believe he will see Sinead again. Beth throws daggers at Daniel throughout his eulogy. David tries to cheer Bethany up by noting that kissing Daniel is no worse than what he did to Audrey, and he's been forgiven. The mourners move on to the Rovers for the wake. Ken misses it as he's too ill. Having packed Robert off to Macclesfield, Michelle consults with Adam at the bistro. An unknown party enters the shop flat. Daniel stays behind at the grave and looks forward to watching the videos Sinead recorded. Paul demands to know why Billy has employed Bernie. Billy tells him that he wanted to help reconcile mother and son because he loves him, leaving Paul unsure what to think. The Tinkers are furious with Daniel for hijacking Sinead's funeral to make an atheistic speech. Peter comes to his brother's defence. Arriving at the Rovers, Daniel goes through the motions. He quickly tires of everyone saying how sorry they are. Meanwhile, the intruder goes through Daniel's things and shoves his laptop into a holdall.


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  • Location shooting for the funeral scenes took place at St. Mary's Church on Church Lane, Prestwich.
  • TV Times synopsis: Daniel joins the mourners as Sinead is laid to rest; and Carla is confused by Michelle's behaviour.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,041,954 viewers (13th place).
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