Episode 9925 (13th November 2019)

Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)



Robert acts quickly to get rid of Vicky, insisting that she has the tests done on her baby. She does so. Roy goes back to Richard's flat to disclose his true identity. Richard is shocked to learn that Roy may be his half-brother and knows his birth parents' names, as he'd never managed to trace them after years of searching. Desperate to stop Michelle bumping into Vicky, Robert tells her about Ali's addiction to prescription drugs. As hoped, she marches off to confront her son. Richard listens keenly as Roy tells him about Sylvia, her correspondence with Richard's father Raymond Parrott, and how Richard came to be adopted. He's saddened to learn that Sylvia died just this year. Nina is just as cold to Roy as before. Steve takes Amy and Emma to a County match, with Tim joining them. Amy is annoyed at being dragged along and refuses to wear the club's scarf. Ali admits to Michelle that Robert was telling the truth but notes that if he's clean, it's thanks to Toyah and Ryan and not Robert, who has barely helped. Michelle is puzzled as Robert made out that Ali was reliant on him. Vicky finds Robert's Big Daddy necklace in the bin. Robert says he accidentally knocked it off the table. He discharges himself from hospital the moment Vicky has left. Roy and Richard bond further over a game of Scrabble. Richard is pleased to have family and asks Roy to call again with photographs and the letters. Michelle returns to Robert's bed for an explanation about Ali and hears from a nurse that he had another female visitor. She then tricks Robert into stating that he's not had any other visitors. Amy lets her hair down at the football, knowing that she gets to pick the next activity. She happily tells Steve that they're going to a Little Mix concert and it's £70 a ticket. Arriving home, Robert looks up paternity rights on the internet. Michelle confides in Carla that she doesn't believe Robert as she's caught him lying too many times.


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