Hilda is upset when Irma tells her that she's moving into the Corner Shop flat. Ray puts up shelves in the flat for them. Len tells Ray about Elsie and Alan's wedding and word soon spreads. Len asks Bet to join him at dinnertime. Elsie has her hair done by Val and confesses she's scared to death. She asks her and Ken to be witnesses after Len has refused but they can't. Elsie is bitter at the residents' attitude. Pensioner Handel Gartside returns to Weatherfield after thirty-three years in Canada. He and Len recall each other. He is saddened to hear of Jack's recent death. Alan and Elsie drive to the suburbs and have a pleasant walk to the registry office in the summer sunshine. Elsie finds the sight of a traditional wedding party outside a church poignant however she is delighted when Len and Bet turn up and offer themselves as witnesses. Hilda breaks the news of Irma's move to Stan but he isn't bothered. Ena and Minnie remember Handel and they tell him of the death six years previously of Martha Longhurst who he once asked to marry him. Elsie and Alan's marriage ceremony takes place while the regulars set up the Rovers for an impromptu party to celebrate the wedding. They return and walk into their unsuspected party and a wedding present from everyone. Irma is upset when Ena plays the wedding march on the piano and rushes back to the flat. Maggie follows her and hears how upset she gets by the tune. Ray tells Len that Alan, despite signs of wealth and his impending honeymoon in Paris, owes them the best part of £400 and it looks as if he has money troubles. Hilda overhears...


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Ena Sharples: "He looks to me like the same Handel Gartside he always was - shifty eyes, hot lips!"

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