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Ray tries to talk to Len about his worries but he's too busy. Frank tells Ray he'll see him at 10.00pm for the job. Emily feels there's something wrong with Ray. Val is delighted for Elsie. Hilda is upset that no one will gossip about Elsie with her. Maggie agrees to let Bet and Irma move into the shop flat. Alan proposes again to Elsie and this time she accepts. Judd is nervous that Emily will report them to the police. Elsie asks Len to be the best man but he refuses. Ray gets annoyed at Emily following him round. She realises that Frank and Judd are blackmailing him. She's determined to help him, even though he tells her it's too late. Len refuses to accept a drink from Alan. He tells him that Elsie has always refused to accept his proposals. Maggie sets the flat rent at £4 a week. Elsie kids Hilda on that she and Alan are going to live in sin. Ena tells Elsie she's pleased for her but this is her last chance at a happy marriage. Ray finally admits to Emily and Ken what is wrong with him and they rally round Ray. Ken scares Frank and Judd off by telling them that he knows what they're up to and that, as a respectable teacher, the police will believe him when he informs them of their activities. Alan gets a special licence and tells Elsie that they're marrying on Wednesday at 1.30pm.


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Hilda Ogden: "We always talk about Elsie Tanner - it's either her or detergent."


Ena Sharples: "We can all find excuses for our mistakes if we want to. But the truth usually is, with a little more give and take, a little more understanding and a little less pride, we wouldn't make many mistakes."

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