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As Billy approaches, Beth slaps Daniel across the face, shouting at him that he doesn't deserve anything good in his life. She storms off and Billy asks Bethany to leave him alone with the lad so they can talk. Fiz tells Chesney she supports his idea. Confessing that she's worried about Tracy, Liz tells a surprised Jenny that she's thinking of asking her to come with her to Spain. Audrey tells Gail that Max has been selling his medication at school. Daniel feels guilty for what he did and doesn't know how he can face people. Billy has an idea to help him. Chesney tells Gemma he's taking her to Speed Daal. With Imran present, David is questioned about Josh's stabbing. He denies any knowledge about what happened but does say that Abe and Tez weren't involved. Josh is in a coma. Tyrone's wish to spend time alone with Fiz is thwarted when she has to babysit Joseph for Chesney and Jade returns to the house. Bethany runs out of the cafe when Beth has another go at her. Taking up Billy's suggestion, Daniel announces that he and Bertie are going away to Scotland for a while. Tracy initially refuses Liz's offer, saying that she needs to be there for Daniel. Liz persuades her to change her mind but has sudden reservations that they might end up killing each other. Gemma gets sudden pains in her stomach before she can join Chesney for the meal. A worried Peter and Adam don't think Daniel is doing the right thing but he refuses to change his mind. Gail tells Audrey that her time away made her aware that her family is important and she's going to ensure they don't go under. Tyrone and Jade enjoy beer and chips together. Daniel sets off with Bertie. Beth sees them going off in Peter's car for the train station. She's livid that he's taken Bertie away from her. Gemma is given the all-clear at the hospital. Beth feels guilty that she drove Daniel away. Gemma is depressed that she might not make a good mum. Chesney is determined to get back with her and tells Fiz he's going to propose tomorrow.


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