Sinead is exhausted having stayed up all night making videos for Bertie. She is now too weak to sit up. At her request, Daniel places nice-smelling flowers in the room so that she can feel like she's outside. Beth is having trouble being civil to Daniel. She blames Daniel for the fact that Sinead is still at home and not in a hospice. Billy visits and Sinead gives him a letter containing her funeral instructions. She tells him she's not afraid of dying anymore, just leaving everyone. They talk about the afterlife and Sinead expresses her hope that it's like a cinema where she can watch Bertie grow up. Dr Gaddas confirms that Sinead is now too fragile to be moved to a hospice. Daniel is distraught. Sinead realises she's entering her final hours and asks for her family to visit her to say goodbye. Bethany calls to Daniel outside the flat. Tracy tells her to bog off and let Sinead die in peace. They're all surprised when Gail emerges from a taxi and defends her granddaughter. Gail compares Bethany's state of mind to hers when she arrived in Thailand, not knowing who she was anymore. She tells Bethany that she found herself, and so will she and Daniel. Beth, Craig, Nancy and Arlene Tinker keep Sinead company. Sinead enjoys talking over old times with them and assures Arlene that she was a good mum after Beth demonstrates that she knows Sinead far better. Sinead starts to have trouble breathing and has Daniel clear the room. Alone with Daniel, she makes him promise that he'll never let Bertie think that her death was his fault. She's relieved that he's too young to remember her being ill. At No.1, the Barlows discuss their experiences of death, including Deirdre, Alma, Hayley, Aidan and Mike, Ken being comforted by the fact that Deirdre's death was quick and she didn't suffer. Sinead tells Daniel not to spend his life mourning her. They discuss the lives they would have wanted with each other. Daniel reads Bertie a story to send him to sleep. Sinead's family and friends gather in the Rovers and talk about their memories of her. Daniel looks up from Bertie's book and notices that Sinead has passed away. Putting Bertie in his cot, he cries into his wife's pillow. The family, Dr Gaddas and Billy are summoned. Her death is confirmed and Billy says a prayer for her. From No.8, Bethany sees Sinead's body being taken away. Afterwards, Daniel bathes his son for the first time.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes and transmitted at 7.30pm. Writer Ellen Taylor penned both halves.
  • Death of Sinead Osbourne and final appearance of Katie McGlynn in the role.
  • First appearance of Gail Rodwell since 8th July 2019 as Helen Worth took a three-month break from the programme.
  • This episode was shot in a higher frame rate than usual in order to give the world of Weatherfield a slightly different look as Sinead Osbourne nears death. The break from convention was explained by producer Iain MacLeod thusly: "The idea was to give that slightly surreal feeling that I think most people might relate to – when something as cataclysmic as that happens, the whole world seems to look different." [1].
  • The episode focuses entirely on Sinead's cancer storyline, with the majority of the runtime taking place in Sinead and Daniel's bedroom. At various points, the picture fades to black and a new scene fades in, showing events from Sinead's point-of-view as she drifts in and out of consciousness. This was done for practical reasons as well as story, as MacLeod told Digital Spy: "The simple pragmatic fact of the matter is when you're telling a single-strand episode with only one story in it, you have to use jump cuts and time lapses, unless you want it to play in real time, which we didn't." (same source as above)
  • TV Times synopsis: Sinead says goodbye to her loved ones; Daniel contemplates life as a widowed father; and Gail arrives home to find Bethany in turmoil.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,134,706 viewers (6th place).
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